RAZ Regionales Arbeitszentrum

Helping people

The world of RAZ at a glance

RAZ, the Regionale Arbeitszentrum Herzogenbuchsee (Herzogenbuchsee regional work centre), offers living space, daily structures and sheltered employment for people with a disability. We mainly focus on aptitude tests, training concepts and work integration opportunities. As a modern SME, we have earned a name for ourselves far beyond the region as a flexible and reliable partner in the spheres of metal-working, assembly and processing as well as pharmaceutical packaging.


  • Metal- working

  • Assembly

  • Packaging

  • Pharmaceutical packaging

  • Accommodation

  • Catering

  • RAZ workshop

The RAZ Foundation combines two major roles in one social institution. We provide first-class services as a market-orientated company and, in so doing, create a valuable working and living space for more than 200 people.