RAZ Regionales Arbeitszentrum

Certified, high quality services.


RAZ metal-working is another way of saying "perfect precision work". Our CNC complete machining makes almost anything possible and we have the right specialists and tools for any order, whether it is for milling, drilling, countersinking, turning, barrel finishing, thread cutting, stamping, riveting or die cutting. We manufacture intermediate or end products to satisfy the highest requirements and we also support our customers with services such as raw materials purchasing, logistics or development know-how.

Experienced specialists, careful manual work, modern plant and flexible solutions.

With its services, RAZ has established itself in niches that offer a high number of jobs while still being as efficient as possible. Our skilled managers and modern plant make us an attractive supplier for well-known companies and flat hierarchies help us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs. Day after day, we prove that it is possible to manufacture products at a fair price, even in Switzerland, without compromising on punctuality and quality.